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USA has the world’s largest international student population, with over 800,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. Nearly 4% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students, and the numbers are growing. From the mid-1950’s, when international student enrollment was only just reaching 35,000, international education in the USA has come a long way. Language Required IELTS,TOFEL,GRE,GMAT,SAT Work opportunity Some states, including California, New York and Texas, have a reputation of being friendlier to international workers. These states are home to some big firms, and these companies have both the resources and the need to employ international students – which means these states are more prone to having a higher percentage of international employees living there. Choosing to attend a school in one of these states might put an international student closer to a job after graduation. Even though I live in a city with a population of around 200,000, it is highly unlikely that I'll find a job here. Diversity is an important component for a lot of companies and those companies need a diverse workforce. States with bigger companies, then, are more likely to be where international students can find more jobs.

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